Purchase Permits and Disposal Coupons/Punch Cards Online! 


Permits may be purchased only by Tompkins County residents and businesses to dispose of all garbage and certain recyclables at the Tompkins County Recycling and Solid Waste Center (RSWC)



 Items Needed to Obtain a Permit online:

  1. A current vehicle registration. If the vehicle is registered outside of the County, then proof of Tompkins County residency (electric bill, etc.) is also required. For online purchases an uploaded (photo or scan ) of vehicle registration is required. 
  2. Payment by accepted credit card.

Permits purchased online will be delivered through the mail.

Select which products you would like to purchase online today:



Residential Permit (this permit includes up to 2 vehicles, registered to the same address)

($20.00 per permit) If your permit has not expired and you change vehicles, you can acquire a replacement permit free of charge at the Solid Waste Division office or online.**

Commercial Permit

($40.00 for first vehicle)

Additional Commercial Permit (s)

($20.00 per additional vehicle, all must be listed and registrations uploaded)

Disposal Punch Cards

5 punches - each punch good for up to one 35 lb. garbage bag/can or vehicle tire; use for any vehicle.

Category 1 Disposal Coupons

1 load of garbage - Sedan Vehicles: 2 and 4 door

Category 2 Disposal Coupons

1 load of garbage - Larger capacity vehicles: Wagon, SUV, & Mini Van

Miscellaneous Charge

Enter amount as directed by Solid Waste Division staff

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